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“21 Days of Praise is an insightful and practical guide to achieving a closer relationship to God. For someone like myself who needs help when getting caught up in my everyday stresses, this book gives one a step-by-step guide to learning to let go and let God. By following the simple steps it is almost impossible not to change your outlook on life and enjoy all the blessings God has in store. The journal is a great way to stay on track!”

Beverly Polk

“It is clear to me that this book is inspired by the Holy Spirit to help God’s children have a more intimate relationship with him. It is an easy, instructive, and insightful read. After completing the 21-day praise journal, I have developed my spiritual consciousness from just thanking God for what he has done for me to praising him for who he is. I would encourage anyone who wants to grow spiritually to take the 21-day challenge and seek God’s face instead of his hand. And join the praise revolution! Hallelujah!”

William Slack

“21 days of praise is a book that will forever change my life. There's always areas in our Christian walk that we need improvement on and praising God for who he is instead of what he's done will definitely help me grow a closer relationship with him. The relatable examples through out the book made everything easy to understand and apply to my everyday life situations. The journal was really the key to the whole experience. It's so important to be in an attitude of gratitude and praising him daily is an enjoyable experience.”

Jessica Lundy

Motivational Speaker

About Lucille

Lucille Willis is a multi-talented author and entrepreneur, whose passion is to help people praise God and live their best life. Known for her encouraging and inspirational techniques, Lucille aspires to bring more light to the world.


An Introduction to 21 Days of Praise


21 Days of Praise is a guide to your spiritual praise journey that will help you discover a more intimate relationship with God. It will prepare you for a lifetime of seeking His presence and continuous praise. It will help you experience twenty-one days of transformation and maximize your personal connection with God.

He wants your greatest gift: your time. Each day you will have a key Bible scripture to meditate on and ample journaling space to reflect on what He is saying to you and to shower Him with powerful words of purposeful praise.

You are not reading this by accident. God wants you to go to the next level in Him. Do you have the courage to praise Him on purpose? If you do, I am convinced that by the end of this journey, you will have a new way of thinking, praising, speaking, writing, and living. A new you! May this journey help you to become all that He has created you to become.

I thank God for choosing me to go through this journey with you. Praising Him has delivered me from just seeking His hand to seeking His face. It has taught me to love Him, praise Him, and know Him even more. I am forever grateful for this journey and honored to be your guide. I pray my words will honor Him, bless you, and lead you to a more abundant life in Him. 21 Days of Praise has led me to a greater journey of spirituality and self-discovery. I pray it does the same for you. The hand of God is on your life.


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